A huge thank you to everyone who took part in last year’s Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim (Number 27) – enjoyed by over 1,300 swimmers with the usual mix of 250m Try-Its, 750m Splashers and of course the 1,500m Classics. Incredibly there were just over 1,000 swimmers registered for the classic “jetty to jetty” distance alone and almost every single one of you came up smiling at the finish line!!

Now we are almost ready to do it all over again….




Early Bird Booking Period** Tuesday 28th November 2023 to Friday 15th December 2023

Standard Booking Period Saturday 16th December 2023 – Thursday 29th February 2024 

**Includes discounted Early Bird and Family Entries, and is also the guaranteed entry period for all Cockburn Residents. Any places remaining unsold at the end of the Early Bird Booking Period are made available during the Standard Booking Period.



We are excited, refreshed and raring to go this year with Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim 28.

“Number 28” will incorporate all of the traditional features of this iconic event, including a choice of three swim distances (250m, 750m & 1500m), beach walk, Daphne the Duck, family discounts, kidzone activities and a huge community breakfast.

Come along and help us celebrate the biggest and best Jetty to Jetty swim ever!



For this year’s Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim 28, we thought it was time to let you all know what WE thought about this unique community event and what it means to us.

We all know this is a special event which offers a variety of swimming distances, an uplifting beach walk to the start line, kids activities, a terrific breakfast after your swim and pristine swimming conditions in the some of the most beautiful clear waters in WA – here at our very own Coogee Beach. But this event is more than all of that – it is also about people. People from all walks of life, drawn from far and wide, people of different ages, generations and swimming abilities and many travelling with groups of friends, work colleagues, club members and families. All of you coming together to enjoy each other’s company, share some fun and enjoy a healthy activity in a safe and enjoyable environment.

So how can we best describe this?

a place to feel good

We think it is exactly that – and hopefully you’ll think so too!


Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim 28 is proudly hosted by Cockburn Masters Swimming Club in conjunction with Major Event Partner, the City of Cockburn.



Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim 28
Coogee Beach, Sunday 10th March 2024



Approximate timings for the 250m Community Try-It Swim are as follows:
6.45am – Try-It Check-In opens
7.15am – Try-It Check-In closes
7.25am – Try-It Swim Briefing (Woodman Point Jetty)
7.30am – Walk along beach to Try-It start line
7.35am  – Try-It Swim starts (1st wave)
7.55am (approx) – Try-It Swim finishes


Approximate timings for the 750m Splash are as follows:
6.45am – 750m Splash Check-In opens
7.45am – 750m Splash Check-In closes
8.00am – 750m Splash Briefing (Woodman Point Jetty)
8.10am – Walk along beach to 750m Splash start line
8.30am (approx) – 750m Splash starts (1st wave)
9.15am (approx) – 750m Splash concludes
10.15am (approx) – Finishing times available
10.30am (approx) – Presentations


Approximate timings for the 1500m Classic are as follows:
6.45am – 1500m Classic Check-In opens
7.45am – 1500m Classic Check-In closes
8.00am – 1500m Classic Briefing (Woodman Point Jetty)
8.10am – Walk along beach to 1500m Classic start line
8.45am (approx) – 1500m Classic starts (1st wave)
10.10am (approx) – 1500m Classic concludes
10.15am (approx) – Finishing times available
10.30am (approx) – Presentations



All registered swimmers must report to the Check-In area on the morning of the event from 6.45am onwards to collect their race pack (timing band, race tattoo & swim cap). The Check-In area is located on the grass at the John Graham Reserve, Woodman Point.

Check-In desks will close promptly at 7.15am (for the 250m Community Try It swimmers) and 7.45am (for the 750m Splash and 1500m Classic swimmers), no exceptions – please plan your journey so as not to be late!

Parking is at a premium, so arrive early and plan ahead. Please car-pool, walk or cycle to the venue if you have the opportunity.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that the Check-In desks will be closed promptly for safety purposes so please allow yourselves MORE than enough time to make your way from the parking areas to the Check-In area or you may not be able to swim.


A short Safety Briefing for the 250m Community Try-It swim takes place at 7.25am at the Woodman Point Jetty.

A Race Briefing for the 750m Splash and 1500m Classic takes place at the Woodman Point Jetty at 8.00am.

Everyone who is taking part MUST attend a Race Briefing, including parents of any kids under 18 who are swimming.



The swim takes place in the ocean between Coogee Beach Jetty and Woodman Point Jetty and runs parallel to the beach in generally shallow water.

250m Course Map
750m Course Map
1500m Course Map


At the conclusion of the relevant Race Briefing, swimmers walk from the Woodman Point Jetty along the beach to their designated start line.

The 250m Community Try-It start line is only a short walk, the 750m Splash start line is at the half-way mark along Coogee Beach and the 1500m Classic start line is located at the northern end of the beach next to Coogee Beach Jetty.

All start lines are marked with inflatable duck marker buoys in the water and race officials will be on hand to guide you through the starting procedure.


The 250m Community Try-It swim will be started using multiple starting waves, with groups of approx 75-100 swimmers in each wave.

Multiple starting waves will also be used for the 750m Splash and the 1500m Classic (based on nominated entry times), with groups of approx 100-150 swimmers in each wave.

The starting wave procedure is simple and will be explained fully at Race Briefing.


Water safety is kindly provided by Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club and other land support/first aid is provided by St John Ambulance.


A simplified set of Race Rules has been developed in conjunction with the WOW Swims Committee.

View the WOW Swims Local Rules HERE

Swimwear rules are easy – basically, anything goes – with the exception of wetsuits (which ARE allowed with swimmers wearing wetsuits placed into a separate WETSUIT category and are not eligible for race prizes).


All swimmers swim in the same direction towards Woodman Point Jetty and finish the race by swimming under an in-water finishing boom where a time is recorded.

Don’t forget you will all swim past Daphne as you approach the finish boom – so give her a wave and say hello!

Swimmers then make their way to the shoreline, through the finishing arch and into the recovery zone where fruit, water and samples of Everlast Isotonic drinks are available.


With the help of an amazing group of volunteers from “Friends of the Community”, a range of breakfast options will be available for you to enjoy after your swim

The City of Cockburn Community Breakfast area will serve a feast of delicious bacon & egg rolls, gluten-free and vegan options and a “cold serve” (yoghurt, juice box & fruit).

Participants should pre-purchase all of these breakfast options for themselves and any accompanying family and friends during the online entry process. There will only be a small number of breakfasts available for cash sales on the day – so PLEASE ORDER YOUR BREAKFAST ONLINE so as not to miss out. (This also helps us with catering numbers too!)

Freshly brewed cappuccino/coffees, cold drinks and snacks will also be available to purchase separately from the Woodman Point Kiosk which will be open throughout the morning of the event and is located on John Graham Reserve.



The City of Cockburn Kidzone will again be an integral part of this year’s event offering FREE activities for the kids throughout the morning.

Face Painters and Junior Goals activities will be back in 2024, along with our delightful special guest mermaids who will be making an appearance in the water at the finish line area during the 250m Community Try-It Swim.

Don’t forget kids aged 8 upwards can take part in the 250m Community Try-It Swimand these FREE kidzone activities are there for all to enjoy on the day.



All finishing times will be available through blueChip Timing immediately after the swim and, after a short break, prizes will be awarded and presentations made by officials in the Presentations Area of the reserve.



We thank DBCA for allowing us to use the Woodman Point Reserve and the overflow parking area at O’Kane Court for the event and remind all participants that there are NO PETS ALLOWED either on the reserve or the beach.




Registrations are only accepted through the event’s secure online registration process (OnReg) operated by blueChip Timing.

Online entries for this year’s JTJ28 event will be open as follows:

EARLY BIRD BOOKING PERIOD **  Tuesday 28th November 2023 – Friday 15th December 2023

 STANDARD BOOKING PERIOD  Saturday 16th December 2023 – Thursday 29th February 2024

** Entry places remaining unsold at the end of the Early Bird Booking Period will be made available during the Standard Entry Booking Period until capacity has been reached.

Remember that all recent events have been SOLD OUT so we strongly encourage you to ENTER ONLINE ASAP so as not to miss out. 



**Early Bird Booking Period

Discounted Early Bird entries are available during the Early Bird Booking Period, along with further discounts for Family Entries. This year, there is no separate Priority Booking Period for Cockburn Residents, but any Cockburn Resident wishing to enter the JTJ28 event is guaranteed an entry during the Early Bird Booking Period. Once the Early Bird Booking Period is closed, ALL ENTRIES are subject to availability. No exceptions.

Standard Entries

Entry places remaining unsold at the end of the Early Bird Booking Period are made available during a Standard Entry Booking Period commencing Saturday 16th December 2023 through to Thursday 29th February 2024 unless sold out prior.




1500m Classic – Early Bird $43
1500m Classic – Early Bird (Family Entry) $38
1500m Classic – Standard $53

750m Splash – Early Bird $37
750m Splash – Early Bird (Family Entry) $32
750m Splash – Standard $47

250m Community Try-It Swim – Early Bird $16
250m Community Try-It Swim – Early Bird (Family Entry) $12
250m Community Try-It Swim – Standard $20


The following maximum number of swimmers (entry limits) will be permitted across the event:

150* swimmers in the 750m Splash
150* swimmers in the 250m Community Try It Swim
1,000* swimmers in the 1500m Classic (the traditional “jetty to jetty”)

*These limits may be revised (up or down) at the organiser’s discretion and after consultation with the water safety team in response to demand. Capacity limits may also be impacted by Health WA Directives if they change significantly between now and the time of the event.



Further discounts for families have proven a popular an affordable way for the whole family to be involved and are again being offered for this year’s event. There is an option for Family Entries during the Early Bird Booking Period only for 2, 3, 4 or more family members to gain access to further discounts for multiple entries in each race distance.

Look out for the special “Family Entry” options when you enter online.

In a move aimed at giving even greater value to families, the Family discount was increased from $4 to $5 last year for multiple family entries in the 750m Splash and multiple family entries in the 1500m Classic races, and a Family discount option was also added for multiple family entries in the 250m Community Try-It Swim. All of these discounts remain in place again for JTJ28.

More and more families continue to take part year after year and it makes us so happy to see different generations from the same families in the water enjoying this unique event with us.


A terrific range of bright colourful Event Merchandise has been developed for this year’s JTJ28 event in conjunction with our long-standing merchandise sponsor ASB Branded Merchandise.

This year’s range includes an Event Tee (in Adults & Kids sizing), a matching Event Hoodie (also available in Adults & Kids sizing), a beautiful Event Towel and some new style headwear options in the form of an Event Beanie (choice of two colours) and an Event Cap.

All Event Merchandise features a traditional Daphne logo and this year’s newly-designed Tees, Hoodies & Towels all feature the essence of what we think the “Jetty to Jetty” represents to us all – a place to feel good




All pre-purchased Event Merchandise will be available for collection on race day and a limited number of merchandise items will be for sale at the Merchandise Tent if not sold out prior through the online entry system.



All swimmers are eligible for category prizes, with all prize-winners announced during Presentations. Wetsuit wearers are allowed in any race distance but will not be eligible for prizes.

For this special community event, no cash prizes are awarded and our aim is to encourage participation.

With the help of our sponsors, a medal and souvenir prize pack are awarded to overall winners and age group winners in both the 750m Splash and 1500m Classic, where age group prizes are generally determined using 10 year age groups.




There is no upper age limit in any of the swimming races, but the minimum age for swimmers in each race distances is as follows:

250m Community Try-It Swim – 8 Years
750m Splash – 10 Years
1500m Classic – 11 Years


Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim 28 is part of WOW Swims – the community swim series for all. WOW Swims are designed for swimmers of all ages and abilities to experience the thrill of open water swimming in a range of settings and over a variety of distances, and to encourage participation in community events as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Check out other WOW Swims events here.

WS_logo_RGB_transparentWOW JTJ


A souvenir JTJ28 medal and prize pack* will be awarded to each of the following winners in both the 750m Splash and 1500m Classic races:

  • 1st Male & Female
  • 2nd Male & Female
  • 3rd Male & Female
  • 1st Male & Female in each Age Group

Age groups for race day prizes are 14 & Under, 15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65-74 and 75 & over, with all age groups determined using a swimmer’s age on the day of the race and gaining no other trophy (GNOT) rules also apply. No cash prizes are awarded for this event and wetsuit wearers are not eligible for overall or age group prizes.

*This year’s prize packs have been put together with the generous sponsorship support of ASB Branded Merchandise. Each prize pack includes a Daphne Caspian Cooler Bag (20L) Bag, Daphne Auto Sunshade, Daphne Kona Ceramic Coffee Mug & Daphne Hemp Cap – that’s every prize pack valued at over $75. A selection of local cafe vouchers will also be included with some Prize packs at the organiser’s discretion.


Other awards are presented to:

  • The Laurie Taylor Medal – A Medal of Encouragement & Inspiration Awarded to the Oldest Swimmer
  • Youngest swimmer
  • Closest to nominated time – 1500m Classic
  • Closest to nominated time – 750m Splash

A selection of Spot Prizes are also awarded with the support of our event partners and sponsors and are allocated at random during the online registration process. Where possible, Spot Prizes will be distributed on the day of the event at the Check-In Area.

All prizes are subject to change at the discretion of event organisers.

Recipients of unclaimed prizes will be contacted after the event and given an opportunity to collect their prize on a designated post-event collection day. Prizes unclaimed after that designated collection day will be donated to a nominated local charity.




All finishing times and race results for JTJ28 will be available immediately after the event through these links to blueChip Timing’s race results

1500m Classic

750m Splash

250m Community Try-It Swim

Finishing times from previous Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim events are also available through the blueChip Timing website by searching past event details. 


1500m Classic
Male Nicholas Rollo (2019) 15m 41.6s
Female Nikita Barsby (2003) 16m 53.0s

750m Splash
Male Rahul Jegatheva (2016) 8m 25.8s
Female Bianca Petite (2019) 9m 44.6s



The event is located at John Graham Reserve, Nyerbup Circuit, Woodman Point, Coogee WA with all swimming races taking place in the pristine clear waters of Coogee Beach between the Coogee Beach Jetty and the Woodman Point Ammo Jetty.


With up to 1,400 swimmers again expected to take part in this year’s event, there will be a large number of visitors coming to the area around Woodman Point on the day of the event and the main car parks at John Graham Reserve will fill quickly.

With permission from DBCA, additional overflow car parking is available at O’Kane Court to the south of John Graham Reserve – enter off Cockburn Road. This arrangement has been used in past years successfully – you may enjoy a 1km walk to the main event area or catch one of our courtesy shuttle buses to and from the main event area.

Please allow extra time to make sure you attend the Check-In Area which closes at 7.15am sharp (for the 250m Community Try-It swimmers) and 7.45am sharp (for 750m Splash and 1500m Classic swimmers). No exceptions.


The event could not take place each year without the generous support of our partners and sponsors.


The year’s event is again generously assisted with funding from the City of Cockburn as the major event partner through a significant partnership which has been developed over the last several years. Their assistance is invaluable and reflects on their fantastic ongoing commitment to the local community.

Our club continues to work closely with the City when hosting this iconic community event.

We are pleased to play our role in keeping the community active and to “give back” by delivering a safe and enjoyable community swimming event for Cockburn residents and the broader public to take part in.


Once again, we are very thankful for the significant contributions received from each of the following long term partners of this event Port Coogee and HopgoodGanim Lawyers. This year, Cockburn Masters is again sponsoring the 250m Community Try-It Swim in  line with the Club’s aim of promoting swimming as a healthy activity throughout the community. 



Reinforcing the benefit of long term relationships built through this event, we are delighted to welcome back these Major Sponsors who were all involved in last year’s event – local businesses ASB Branded Merchandise, Blooms The Chemist, TRu Workwear, Force360, Cockburn Cement and Sportzcorp.

For 2024, we are delighted to welcome new Gold Sponsor Red Paddle Co.  Look out for details of our new Major Prize Draw which has been put together with the support of the team at Red Paddle Co.

We acknowledge the fantastic support which we receive from all of these sponsors as they join forces with us to help “give back” to the local community.


We are delighted to welcome back Infinit Nutrition Australia to our event community as Hydration Sponsor for this year’s event.

Infinit Nutrition is also the official Hydration Sponsor of the Christmas 10K Swim and we are loking forward to working with the Infinit team again this Summer to keep you all well hydrated in the finish chute. Inifinit’s products will also be available to sample and buy in Sponsors Alley on race day.



We thank Aubin Grove Physiotherapy, Nutrition Works, The Happy Snack Co, Swimwild Escape, LINK 484, Fiski, Cockburn ARC, Instant Toilets & Showers, Vorgee, Favazzo Mechanical Repairs and Dept. of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions who are all returning as Support Sponsors for this year’s event.


For several years now, Steven Powell and the photographic team at The Nomad Company have been taking great photos of our iconic event as Official Photographer. We are excited to welcome them back for “Number 28”.

A selection of JTJ28 event photos will be available for viewing after the event so remember to smile for the camera!

This support from ALL of our generous partners, sponsors and official service providers contributes to the success of the event for all involved. We encourage you to support them whenever an opportunity arises.




City of Cockburn supporting the Jetty to Jetty Coogee Ocean Swim


Building on solid historical foundations, the current Council’s vision is to ensure that the Cockburn of the future will be the most attractive place to live, work, visit and invest in, within the Perth Metro area.


Port Coogee supporting Jetty to Jetty Coogee Ocean Swim

Port Coogee

Port Coogee offers you the best in coastal living with beautiful beaches, a world-class marina and a vibrant environment.

Just 5km from Fremantle, Port Coogee offers a true neighbourhood way of life where residents can enjoy living in a safe environment with a strong community spirit. 

This popular multi-award winning estate on the shores of the Indian Ocean offers safe, pristine swimming beaches, beautiful parks and playgrounds, a marina village with great shopping, and a wide range of lifestyles offering something special for every kind of family.

HopgoodGanim Lawyers

HopgoodGanim Lawyers

HopgoodGanim Lawyers is a full service commercial law firm. We operate nationally and internationally with a focus on Asia from our two key locations of Brisbane and Perth. We offer highly skilled and agile legal teams across key sectors and areas of practice. In all of our areas of speciality, our lawyers are recognised by legal publications as leaders in their fields.

We are tenacious, trusted, no-nonsense professionals with a track record of delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. Our logical, rigorous way of working means we can manage large, complex projects as well as smaller concerns – all within tight timeframes.

Cockburn Masters Swimming Club

Cockburn Masters offers a range of swim options, based at the Cockburn ARC for pool sessions and Coogee Beach Surf Club for ocean swim sessions at Coogee Beach. All ages (18+) and abilities are welcome. The Club’s aim is to help you set and achieve your own personal swim goals whether involving competition, stroke improvement, triathlons, ocean swims or social swimming. 

The Club is also a very active community group in the local area, regularly fundraising for local charities and promoting swimming as a healthy activity throughout the community by hosting annual community swimming events including the Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim and Christmas 10K.


ASB Branded Merchandise

You know the power of a lasting first impression. So, it makes sense to ensure that your brand ‘Looks Brilliant’.  At ASB, you get to partner with a team of fun-loving folks who are highly experienced and their dream-team recipe ensures every brand looks its best. ASB’s service model is the perfect storm of creativity, sustainability, tailored solutions, impeccable in-house design, quality products and customer service. Driven by an ethos of sustainability, ethical supply chains, going green, sourcing an increasing amount of carbon-free and palm-oil free products and seeking partnerships with companies who have an anti-slavery policy; it is ASB’s mission to do their best.

Now, take a deep breath, visualise your brand looking and feeling its best and get in touch with the ASB team. Like they have with our event, they are ready to help you – Looking Brilliant has never been easier.

Blooms The Chemist – Port Coogee

Our local Blooms The Chemist team is proud to be a truly community-minded network of Pharmacies, providing the highest level of professional health service and advice to you and your family.

Cockburn Cement

Cockburn Cement is proud of its record as a local employer and manufacturer of cement and lime products. Building a stronger WA since 1955, local manufacturing has never been more important than during the current health and economic crisis from COVID-19.

Involved in a range of community activities through partnerships, sponsorships and donations over many years, Cockburn Cement has contributed to programs at local schools, sporting clubs, care agencies and other important community services.

We are pleased to welcome back Cockburn Cement to our Jetty to Jetty community as a returning Gold Sponsor of this year’s event.


TRu Workwear

At TRu Workwear, we strive to produce a market-leading workwear range that is longer lasting and certified to the Australian market. Our fabrics are engineered from specific yarns, providing our garments with inherent characteristics, ensuring they excel in harsh conditions. The fabric performance means the garment is built to last and will outlast the build. This is the TRu difference.

By pushing the boundaries of garment design, we have innovated a consistent, high-quality product that exceeds all safety requirements in garment construction and fabric properties. From colourfastness to tear strength, even shrinkage rates, our garments outperform. With over 50 years of industry experience, our team at TRu Workwear has developed an intricate understanding of the market’s requirements, ensuring we deliver on essential aspects of multiple industries, with products tailored for the trades, through to electrical arc exposure.

For peace of mind all TRu Workwear garments are certified to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards including AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 and AS/NZS 4602.1:2011. This ensures that all safety claims have been verified by an independent third party, giving both confidence and assurance to the end user about product quality and consistency.

Our business capabilities are established to support our local market from two distribution centres, on the east and west coast.


Force360 has become known as the innovative force in the development of unique, task specific PPE for the Australasian market, and is synonymous in the drive to raise the levels of workplace safety through product certification. This determination has seen Force360’s industrial hand protection range become the first to be certified by Notified Body BSI Group to Australian/New Zealand Standards, and also European hand protection standards.

A bold brand, Force360 continues its unwavering commitment to develop and bring to market advanced industry first products – the Graphex® range of gloves were the first to incorporate a Graphene based yarn into their construction and provide new levels of mechanical performance with exceptional dexterity. The Air safety spectacle at 16 grams became the world lightest safety eyewear and the introduction of the UK manufactured respiratory range by Corpro, that utilises innovative features including half face exhalation filters and attachable face shields is a first for the Australian medical sector.

Force360 is proud to service the Australian workforce through a limited network of professional PPE specialist distributors and independent wholesalers, who share and value the same dedication and focus to workplace safety.




Sportzcorp provides a diverse range of support services to sporting events, associations, clubs and their members including event management, event services and consulting services.

Also part of the Sportzcorp team is Yellow Event Services (YES), a specialist event services business which has developed a reputation for expert and reliable execution of all aspects of planning, design, delivery and management services required by owners and organisers of mass participation sporting events in WA. YES aims to deliver high quality, consistent, safe and professional events for all stakeholders involved.

Contact us early in your event planning process to see how we may assist you with a range of services (

Enjoy other events coordinated by Sportzcorp &

Or shop swimming accessories through their online store at

Red Paddle Co

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INFINIT Nutrition’s commitment is to develop products that help customers perform and feel better through all-natural, isotonic high powered custom-blended nutrition solutions. 

INFINIT offers unsurpassed customer service and product of the highest quality available anywhere, solving any customer’s unique nutritional needs through customised solutions that taste the way THEY want and help them perform better and achieve their personal goals.

INFINIT is also dedicated to the community and strives to give back to those who have helped them be who we they today.




Parks & Wildlife supporting Jetty to Jetty Coogee Ocean Swim   

Q & A

We hope that the information set out elsewhere on this website has answered most of the questions you might have about the Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim.

Some of the more common questions are answered below, but if you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, please complete the CONTACT FORM and one of the organisers will respond to you directly.

What swimwear can I wear?
There are no set swimwear rules, so basically anything goes!
Wear your boardies, rash vests, cover-ups and all other types of swimwear – whatever you are comfortable swimming in!

What can’t I wear?
For safety reasons, swimmers aren’t allowed to wear heavy items of jewellery, watches or fitbit devices.
No paddles, fins, flotation devices or swimming aids can be used.

What is the minimum age for swimmers?
All 1500m Classic swimmers must all be a minimum of 11 years on race day.
All 750m Splash swimmers must all be a minimum of 10 years on race day.
All 250m Community Try-It swimmers must all be a minimum of 8 years on race day.

Is there a maximum number of swimmers permitted?
1500m Classic – a maximum of 1,000 swimmers.
750m Splash – a maximum of 150 swimmers.
250m Community Try-It – a maximum of 150 swimmers.
These limits may be revised at the organiser’s discretion (up or down) in conjunction with the water safety team. Capacity limits may also be varied if relevant Health WA Directives are significantly altered between now and the time of the event.

Are there any Event prizes?
No cash prizes are awarded at this community event as our aim is to encourage participation.
With the help of our sponsors, overall winners and age group winners in both the 750m Splash and 1500m Classic will receive a medal and souveir prize pack, where age group prizes are generally determined using 10-year age groups.

Also, with the support of our Event sponsors, there will be a number of spot prizes randomly allocated to swimmers on race day, and used in pre-event promotions.

Are there time limits for the Event?
All swimmers in the 750m Splash and 1500m Classic will be allowed 1 hour 10 mins from the start of their respective wave to complete their swim.

What does my entry fee cover?
Your entry fee includes public liability insurance (not personal accident insurance), water safety, electronic timing, a swim cap, a race number tattoo, fruit and water at the end of the race, and a place in WA’s premier community swim in the safe and pristine waters of Coogee Beach. The Event will also include FREE kidzone activities for your kids to enjoy and a range of breakfast options for you and the whole family to enjoy at the City of Cockburn Community Breakfast area (it is recommended that all breakfast options are pre-purchased online).

Will late entries be available on race day?
Late entries will NOT be available on race day.
All participants will need to enter the event through the online registration portal (OnReg) before the final closing date of Thursday 29th February 2024 (unless sold out prior). 

If I withdraw from the Event, will I be entitled to a refund of my entry fee?
Any registered swimmer withdrawing from the Event for any reason will not be entitled to an entry fee refund.
With the permission of the organiser, a transfer of a swimmer’s registered entry to a nominated replacement swimmer may be permitted.

If there should be a cancellation of the Event because of weather or other adverse conditions, will I be entitled to a refund of my entry fee?
For any cancellation of the Event in such circumstances, there will be generally be no refund of entry fees.

Will Daphne be making an appearance on race day?
Yes of course – she will be in prime spot anchored in the water and welcoming all swimmers into the approach to the finish line.


Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim 28

Coogee Beach, Sunday 10th March 2024